The Crit Lab Italy Residency 2024

Venice Biennale + RUC Residency in the Italian Alps

June 17- 30, 2024

The Crit Lab had an amazing time in Italy. Look for more photos and a catalogue from our exhibition.

Limited to small groups of max 8-10 artists. This residency is curated and requires an application.

The Crit Lab Exhibition on Italian TV!


The Residency Includes these programs:*

Venice: June 17-22
Includes Private transport to and from Santa Lucia train station, housing in Venice, Welcome dinner, Multi-day tickets to the Venice Biennale, Private Tour of the Guggenheim. Once we leave Venice by private boat, a private van transports us to the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. Transport from the Santa Lucia train station to Padua and to the residency are included. Note: With the exception of the Welcome dinner, food in Venice is not included, as people spend their days independently.

RUC: June 22-30

RUC Residency includes: Housing, studio, and all meals with wonderful local food. Activities: Tour of the UNESCO Paleolithic Rock Engravings and local sites, meal at an Agriturismo, Wine Tasting, Walking tours and workshop on Labyrinths with Chris Kaczmarek, workshop in historical color and painting methods with Patricia Miranda. Printmaking Workshops in Cividate are also available.

We have our originaal chef from 2019 back this year! Meals include simple breakfast and buffet lunch; dinner focus is on regional northern Italian foods.

The residency culminates with a pop-up Residency Exhibition at the museum in Breno.

Check out the RUC website to find out more about the location, history, and beauty of RUC.

All Italian and RUC covid guidelines will be required for all participants (proof of vaccination required).

Reservations require a non-refundable $500 deposit. If the program is cancelled for any reason by the Crit Lab, the Crit Lab will refund all deposits. We will be in close contact with all participants as we move closer to the dates with any changes or updates, and with detail travel info.


Space is limited to 8-10 people max.
Shared Room: $4300
Single Room: $5100

RUC offers single and limited double occupancy dependent on participants and space.

*Italian accommodations are unique and individual, therefore slight variation in style of room may apply depending on room availability in Venice and RUC.

Costs excludes air fare and travel to Venice. Travel to airports/train at beginning and end of residency are not included, as the groups often arrive and depart to diverse locations. Departure travel will be organized upon arrival to facilitate and support smooth and affordable travel.

If you are interested in joining us or finding out more:

Email, or call 914.318.7178.

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About RUC:

RUC is an international artist residency, welcoming artists, musicians and writers from all over the world.

RUC supports multicultural dialogue and interdisciplinary exchange between international artists and local traditions in a rural dimension that offers artistic time in solitude and exchanges between peers. Sited in a remote location, RUC's isolated beauty is the ideal environment for intellectual work and creates optimal conditions for concentration and creativity, international exchange, friendship, and mutual understanding.

RUC is the ancient name given by locals to our estate and means terraced garden on the rocks. RUC is located in the Italian Alps, in Lombardy, in the Valcamonica valley. Milan is 1 hour and 30 minutes away by car or public transport. The international airport of Milan Orio al Serio can be reached in 40 minutes.

Because of the uniqueness of its prehistoric engravings carved in the rocks, Valcamonica was the first Italian site to be listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979. On the southern side, the valley flows into the beautiful lake Iseo where the breathtaking fishing island Montisola was chosen in 2016 by Christo for his installation The Floating Piers. On the northern side, the valley is topped by the largest glacier of the Italian Alps, the Adamello National Park.

RUC is located very near to prominent Roman archaeological sites, and the nearest villages count an ancient Roman open air theatre and the ruins of a temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva.

During the Second World War these mountains witnessed some of the most crucial battles of the Italian Resistance against Fascism. The history of RUC is indissolubly intertwined with those events.