The Professional Practice: Consultations for a Life Practice

Empowering Artists and Artist Communities.

Artists are a constituency. Together we can envision and create thriving, sustainable, ethical, artist communities, that can even change the world.

For private critique sessions with Patricia Miranda and Crit Lab faculty visit the faculty page.

The business side of being an artist is a challenge. We want to be in our studios, yet our work wants a life in the world. We can help with individualized tools for a lifelong practice, for success as you define it, for a quality of life that reflects your ethics and your artwork. We can work with you to build an ecosystem that fits the ambitions, integrity, and creative spirit of your work and life.

These consultations are firmly situated within the ethics of the individual artist and the vision of each artist's practice. No two artists are alike, no two journeys will be either.

Make it sustainable. Get organized, preserve studio time, support your work and the work of fellow artists. Consultations include planning, goals, organizing, and website analysis.

Patricia Miranda has over 18 years experience teaching artists business strategies and planning using an ethical and individualized framework. She has developed practical methods for artists to best reflect their work. After teaching professional practice in grad, undergrad, and community programs, Patricia realized that a more intimate and ethical process was possible to support artists in creating a sustainable framework for their professional life.

Miranda is available to help tackle strategies, artist statements, exhibition and grant proposals, website analysis and more. Florencia Escudero and Randi Shandroski, our tech experts and talented artists, can help get your digital life in shape- prepare image files and portfolios, filing systems, social media, website design and updates, and more.

"Artists can pool resources, knowledge, and opportunity in a myriad of ways to support one another in our lives and practices, today more than ever. I look forward to brainstorming those ideas with you." patricia

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