Private Consultations with Patricia
After creating great work, documenting it beautifully, creating articulate language around it, putting together professional packages is at the core of getting the work out in the world. 

The business side of being an artist is an ongoing challenge for many of us. Delegating and collaborating on the administrative work can preserve studio time.

For fifteen+ years I have been working with artists on the business side of their practice, through intensive semester-long Professional Practice courses for undergrad and graduate programs, as well as workshops for professional programs, and individual office hours. I work with artists in writing and developing statements, grants, and proposals; preparing and curating portfolios to present the work in the strongest light possible, and creating long term Strategic Planning. 

Patricia is available for one-on-one critique outside the Labs. More info here

Artist Statements
As a curator and educator, grant panelist and juror, I've read and edited hundreds if not thousands of artist statements. Artists are intimidated by writing statements, and, yes, it can be hard to write objectively about our own work when it is not our form. Yet, artist statements are simply concrete descriptive documents about your work. Demystifying statements is one of my favorite tasks in working with artists. The core of a great statement is already present in most artists' existing texts. Together we find that core, to build and hone your statement into a tight, clear, concise document, that speaks to the work you make and gives viewers and readers insight into the work.

I would love to work with you to help further your practice.
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