Office Hours with Patricia Miranda

Is the conceptual framework of your work discernible in the spaces you present it?

After you create fabulous work, document it beautifully, and articulate language around it, making that vision clear and concrete is at the core of getting work out in the world. 

I work with artists to make sure the conceptual vision of the work is clearly visible to the world. This includes in all information: website, portfolio, statements and proposals. I am pragmatic and rigorous, and develop practical flexible strategies and systems to push the work forward. 


A consult often starts with a website analysis, as this is space where you have already curated and organized your work. This may include a critique of the work, an analysis of the curation, and a review of your texts. Together we go through your materials, and make a plan. We create simple systems for long and short term planning, designed for your individual practice. This includes strong artist statements, portfolios, and proposals to present the work in the clearest way possible, as well as systems for planning and goal setting. 

All good creators have tough supportive editors!

I never edit on my own. Together we go through your texts and images, and discuss what is important to you, what is clear and visible, where can you curate the information to best support the work. I have a clear step-by-step process designed to  to help you hone the language around your work. The process is an articulation and constructive tool for writing about your work in future statements.

The business side of being an artist is an ongoing challenge. Delegating and collaborating on administrative work can preserve studio time, and help move the work forward in important venues and contexts.

For over twenty years I have worked with artists on professional practice, through intensive semester-long courses in undergrad and graduate programs, with working artists, in community programs, and individual office hours. In the Crit Lab I work with 50+ artist in rigorous monthly critique following a strong pedagogical structure. This has given me a wide and comprehensive perspective on work in every genre, and a strong process to support artists in making their conceptual ideas visible. A strong structure moves us forward with focus and dedication.

Artist Statements
Demystifying statements is one of my favorite tasks in working with artists. The core of a great statement is already present in most artists' existing texts. Together we find that core, and build and hone the statement into a tight, clear, concise document. essential for helping people see and understand your work. Artist statements are concrete descriptive documents about the work.

The argument that text is not good for the work is an argument against bad statements. A good artist statement deepens and articulates for the artist as well as the viewer.  It doesn't explain, justify, or make claims for meaning. A bad statement can damage the work. A good statement supports it.

Grants + Proposals

Putting together proposals for exhibitions, grants, and other opportunities is a necessary part of the practice. This includes concise texts about the work and project, cv and bio, and most important, a strongly curated body of images, organized to best advocate for your work.

I would love to work with you to help further your practice.

Contact me to chat about what you need and how we might work together.

Office Hours: 1.75 hours: $225 (+$10 admin fee)

All artists currently in any Labs (excludes AltMFA+Residency) receive a $50 discount.