Crit Lab Survives and Thrives in 2020

Crit Lab Survives and Thrives in 2020

2020 Crit Lab Programs and News:

2020 was year to remember, as the world closed down from a pandemic, racial justice rose to a national priority, a monumental election was held, contested, decided. We survived as artists and as a country.

In the midst of a pandemic, like the rest of the world, the Crit Lab went virtual. We had no idea what this space might offer or change for tactile object-makers. While challenges arose in quickly learning new technologies, in adapting to its language and investigating its possibilities, we explored how the digital offers a new platform for creative thinking, sharing artwork, and in-depth discussion. The fall had 6 Labs with artists from 6-7 states, gathering in the safe brave "enclosure" space of Zoom. The discussions were deep and complex, with a character framed by the unique vernacular of the digital space. We discovered different intimacies and focus, and look forward to further investigating the possibilities of the digital, as well as how these spaces can be an access to the real.

Fall 2020 had 6 Labs, 3 Main Labs and 3 NxtLvl, with artists from 6 states, gathering in the safe brave "enclosure" space of Zoom. In addition we had the first Crit Lab AltMFA, and our first Master Class.

Group Crits with our esteemed faculty began this year, including a day with Jason Stopa and Gaby Collins-Fernandez.

Private Faculty Crits now available here.

Private Consulting on administrative work with our amazing Tech Expert Florencia Escudero started and is going strong. If you need assistance with digital files, website, organizing, and more, Flo is a dream to work with.

Crit Lab faculty Gaby Collins-Fernandez came on board as the Co-Director of the AltMFA. The Lab is eternally thankful for her brilliance and hard work and are excited to work with her on AltMFA 2021!

Crit Lab 2020

Crit Lab AltMFA

November 12-15, 2020

The AltMFA brought 13 faculty and 29 artists from 9 states for a packed program of lecture, critique, drawing and and walking collaborations. Thank you to all who took part in this inspiring event.

Full program: $475. Day Rate: $175

Day rates give full access to all events and recordings for the day of registration only. Lectures and all content are reserved for participants only.

Alt MFA Master Class with Jonathan Van Dyke

13 artists from 7 states joined JVD for this innovative program.

December 5 & 12, 2020. 1-5:30pm

$275 $250 for all AltMFA registrants.

Stay Tuned for more programs and AltMFA 2021.