Kristin Street

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, I moved through RI public schools, graduating with honors from Hope High School, and went on to earn a BFA in Textiles from the Rhode Island School of Design and later, an MFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art, in Sculpture/Studio Art. While some time has been spent promoting the efforts of other artists through curatorial work, I have maintained a consistent exhibition schedule over the years, showing in museums and galleries locally, nationally and internationally. I currently live in Foster, Rhode Island.

I am interested in exploring how different media can be used to interpret an exploration of natural and constructed elements. Much of my work utilizes grids and circular motifs, where I rely on observation of organic and man-made forms at a microscopic and also immediate scale for inspiration. I find intermingling these components an endless source of opportunity for discovery. My work is most often created through the lens of abstraction; duplicating is of no interest to me, but grasping the guts of elements and ideas sparks my curiosity, directing my efforts.


“Banded Inlet,” 2020, ink, gouache, vellum, and resin, 30” x 32”
“Estuary,” 2020, ink, gouache, vellum, and resin, 30” x 30”
“Crossed Purposes, 2020, ink, gouache, vellum, and resin, 30” x 30”
“Tidal Rotation,” 2020, ink, gouache, vellum, resin, 30” x 30”
“Riding the Undercurrents,” 2018, ink, gouache, vellum, and graphite, 38”x 76”
“Kelp,” 2020, silk organza, and steel, 36” x 25” x 4”
“Network,” 2019, rubber, steel, and monofilament, 8’ x 6’ x 5”
“Dot.Dot.Dot.,” 2019, rubber, steel, and monofilament, 6’ x 4” x 12”