Rita Maas


Residual Ink Drawings” plays with the reclaimed materials from the inkjet printing process to point out the most basic premises of photography, that it is a picture or representation of something. 

I begin my process by collecting empty ink cartridges from various inkjet printers and then pour, stamp or roll the unused ink directly onto photo rag paper, allowing the materials to take the lead in the forms they create. These unique drawings are then digitally reproduced (scanned and printed via an inkjet printer) and displayed side by side, setting up the tension between the actual and the artifice, the hand made and the digital translation. The original source drawing is generated by systematic chance and is created directly from inkjet printing materials. The reproduction is a translation of photographic digital data. I adhere to a system determined in part by myself, and in part by the manufacturer of the printer. Many of the used ink cartridges are gifted to me by fellow artists, bringing a communal aspect to the work. 

Rita Maas’ conceptually based works playfully constructs visual imagery using photographic materials and processes. Born in New York, Maas received her BFA in Photographic Studies from the School of Visual Arts. She later earned her MFA in Visual Arts at Lesley University College of Art and Design. Maas has acted as Visiting Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and served as Visiting Artist and Adjunct Professor at College of Staten Island, CUNY. 

Maas lives and works in Westchester, NY.

"canon pixma mg 6220 K 18.02 (cathy)," 2018, Ink on hahnemühle photo rag paper, 2 unique 10.5” x 11” assembled prints
"canon cli-226bk 18.06 (cathy)," 2018, ink on hahnemühle photo rag paper ,2 unique 6.5” x 8” assembled prints
"epson artisan 700 18.01 (oliver)," 2018, Ink on hahnemühle photo rag paper, 12 unique 4” x 8” folded assembled prints
"epson stylus photo r 1900 15 black, 1 orange (liz)," 2018, ink on hahnemühle photo rag paper, 2 unique 11” x 13” assembled prints
"random blacks, 8 gloss optimizers, 1 magenta (liz)," 2018, Ink on photo hahnemühle rag paper, 2 unique 11” x 13” assembled prints
"canon pixma pro 100 18.01 (ann)," 2019, ink on hahnemühle photo rag paper, 8 unique 5” x 7” and 8 10.5” x 14.75” assembled ink prints
"canon pixma pro 1 19.10 (susan)," 2019, ink on harman hahnemühle gloss baryta photo paper, 24 unique 4 ¼” x 5 ½” assembled ink prints