Professional Practice Working Sessions
Monday February 10, 2020

Artists are Brave

Working in the studio is our passion. Getting the work out of the studio - writing statements, curarting work, putting together proposals - and into the world is the hard part. Finding opportunties and applying means hours out of the studio, and accepting lots of rejection along with some success. Seeking the right context and opportunity for our work, developing relationships that support and help build a sustainable practice, all allow us to continue the real work in the studio.

Professional practice is a necessary part of the work of an artist. We can also design this to be an ethical and hopeful part of our pratice, one that dreams our work into new spaces in the world.

Each day includes hands-on workshopping designed for the group's needs: artist statements; writing proposals for grants/exhibitions/residencies; curating images; website analysis. We workshop these components together as a group, and focus on skills to be able to work on your own. Participants will upload info beforehand, instructions will be sent before the workshop. 

Cost: $100 for each session
Space is limited.
Register below: Once registered you will receieve an email confirmation and payment info.