Art as an Act of Resistance. February 2020
This will be a tumultuous year on many fronts. As we begin this new session, let's dream together about objects to create, ideas to explore, artistic families to build, community to nurture, change to enact in the work and in the world.

Both our work and our practice can make a difference in these times- they can be peace in the storm, a call to action, a force of dialogue. Always, art making is an act of our autonomy over our imaginations and our inner lives. Protecting that autonomy, that place of possibility wholly and only ours, is the what art and artists do for ourselves, and for the culture. That space needs protection - not only for ourselves, but for the collective. To imagine something that doesn't exist is to hope, the imaginary is the place of that hope, and art is a manifestation of that hope.

A common feature of repressive politics is the invasion of our inner life. The protection of creativity through the making of art is an act of resistance. An act of hope.

All art matters, we need all kinds. As we move forward, we continue to situate our work in the larger context, and discover where the work wants to take us. Let’s listen carefully to the work and to one another – there’s enormous wisdom in the listening.

Bring your greatest ambitions for your work, and let's have art take up more space in the public discourse. More art means less destruction, and we can aim that creativity all around us.