The Crit Lab

To enquire about joining a session- contact us.
To receieve occasional updates - join our mailing list.

Cost per person for a five session Crit Lab is $500.
Additional costs may incur for sessions outside MAPSpace- for travel, lodging and any space costs. Port Chester sessions meet in my studio, other groups meet in artist's studios.

New Groups in your Town
If you have a space- studio, gallery, or any space large enough to accomodate a group of people and hanging up work- we can set up a group. We work hard to keep costs reasonable. Groups beyond Port Chester require a minimum or 6 people to run, max is 7.

Private Studio Visits and Critiques outside Port Chester.
I am happy to explore how and where we can create a new Crit Lab community where you are. Private Sessions can be arranged by appointment, in-person or via google hangouts. Sessions can be single visit or booked as a concentrated group.

Email to talk about the possibltities! 

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