The Crit Lab: Rethinking Critique
Founded by artist Patricia Miranda, the Crit Lab offers rigorous, critical, supportive feedback in small ongoing artist groups. We ask ethical aesthetic questions and situate artworks in a social context, engage materials in their own language and preserve the inchoate nature of the creative process.

We believe that gathering physically in a room together, in dialogue, in an act of community, is more urgent than ever. We share our work, our vision, our process, and our dreams in an outwardly focused action, bringing an intersectional and ethical stance to our work and to our micro/macro-society.

We don't only talk about art. The discussion starts at the material level and works its way out, to process, affect, and meaning, in an examination of the ripple effects both our discussions and our work can have in our lives and the greater world.

In The Crit Lab we use a firm set of guidelines to keep the conversation focused and directed. Read about the pedagogy of critiques here

Check out the Artists Page for images and info of current Crit Lab artists, and links to past participants' websites.

The Crit Lab is akin to an intensive graduate level seminar/critique course. Groups have 6-7 artists max; the same artists meet once per month for five sessions. Each artist brings work to the session; finished, in progress, or in development at any stage. We spend 35-45 minutes of focused discussion with each person's work.

Private Studio Visits and Critiques
Private Sessions can be arranged by appointment, in-person or via google hangouts. Sessions can be single visit or booked as a concentrated group.

Email to talk about a private crit with your work!

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