Christine Aaron

My work investigates memory, time and the fragility of human connection. Found wood, shattered mirror and hand dyed paper become vehicles for content. The history of these materials, and the traces of process that remain in the completed work speak to the way in which humans hold the physical, mental and emotional marks of personal experience. Mirror shards pierce wood; wood is scarred, drilled through; paper is burned, inscribed, dipped in wax, and spills from wood crevices. Burning, used throughout history to destroy, purify, obliterate and sanctify, evokes absence and presence, shadow and light.  Cast shadows shift, dance, as ephemeral evidence of a former presence: the mark making of physical loss. The resulting work acts as physical representation of what is remembered, held, lost, transformed and marked within.

Christine Aaron is a mixed media artist utilizing printmaking, wax, wood, metal and paper. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe. Exhibition venues include The Hunterdon Museum (PA), Provincetown Art Association and Museum (MA), CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, (Ireland), Fyns Grafiske (Denmark), Westchester Community College, Castle Hill Gallery and Iona College Gallery (NY).  Aaron received an Individual Artist’s grant from ArtsWestchester/NY State Council for The Arts, awards in printmaking and mixed media, and presented talks at The International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA.

Aaron holds a BS in education from Cornell University and a Masters in Social Work from Hunter College. She currently lives and maintains a studio in New York.

"What Remains II(l)," 2016, drilled, burned plywood, 83” x 5” x.75.” "Granary (r)," 2016, drilled burned found wood, gampi, ink wax 80” x15” x2”
"Inquietude," 2017, drilled burned plywood gampi ink, wax, 24” x 13” x 3”
"The Memory Project (Installations I-IV)," gampi, wax, ink, torn printmaking paper, lithographic monoprints on gampi (each panel 108” x 36”), invisible thread, drilled and burned found wood, found library card catalog, 2018 Dimensions Variable
"Fragment series (I,III,II l-r)," 2017, drilled burned plywood, 60” x 22,” 22” x 22” and 82” x 22”, all .75” deep
"Overwritten: X days of the Trump Administration," 2017, found burned book (one page burned for every day in office)
"What We Keep IV," 2017, burnt drawing on hand dyed indigo paper, 10” x 8.”
"Primodial," Struck, 2017, monotype 22” x 22”
"Primordial: Search," 2017, monotype, 22” x 22.”