Yildiz Grodowski


I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, but have spent most of my life in the Boston area. These two cultures constantly enrich and inspire me. In my early years, I designed sets for stage performances and residential interiors. If I don’t find art, art finds me. 


Prior to painting, I sculpted with clay. After working with 3D medium, the transition to paint wasn’t satisfying at first. But I embraced the challenge, and with the guidance of talented instructors and my own determination, I was able to discover the possibilities of a blank canvas. 


Because of its fluidity, watercolor was my first choice as a medium. Then came acrylic, then mixed media. My art and I keep evolving. Rather than striving for a signature style, by working across many facets, I discover limitless creative opportunities. 


As a visual artist and a dancer, I find many connections between abstract painting and improvisational dance. Just as I let the music move me from within, I allow my artistic intuition to bring life to my brush.

I strive to make art that is personal, visually pleasing, warm, strong, and a bit playful. I try to convey certain intellect and human emotion. It’s art...it’s open to anybody’s interpretation!