The Crit Lab
Founded by artist Patricia Miranda, the Crit Lab offers rigorous, critical, supportive feedback in small ongoing artist groups.

Since 2012 Patricia Miranda has run ongoing critiques at MAPSpace and in the studios of other artists. A clear desire for critical discourse and community among artists was visible across all groups and in lectures and workshops. The Crit Lab is a way to share this discourse both inside and outside the meetings.

‚ÄčAnd so The Crit Lab was born. 
As artists we often work alone, and while many of us have strong support networks, the opportunity for focused, graduate level discussion about work can be hard to find.

"So much amazing work and discussion happens in these groups, about the work and beyond- and the joys and challenges of making work, how our work exists in our lives and in the world as an action and a voice. I want to support and promote this community of artists, to open our discussion to a wider audience, while preserving the intimate and private nature of the crit meetings." Patricia

The connection and community that develop in the groups transcend the Lab. Each session meets for 5 full day meetings over a 5-6 month period. Each group has max 5-7 participants, and the same artists meet for all five meetings. This allows for ongoing depth of engagement and conversation with developing work and with one another.

The Crit Lab has a private members Facebook group for all current and past participants. We share images from the crits, articles, commentary, resources and more. Keeping meetings and FB page private allows a safe environment for discussions of new, vulnerable, in progress, and experimental works to flourish and grow in depth and perception.

The Crit Lab website is the public space of the Lab. All artists currently in a group have a portfolio page - to showcase images, connect with one another across groups, be part of this community in a larger way, and show their work on another platform. Artists from the Lab curate online exhibitions for the site. Prior participants remain connected through a name link to their website.

In addition to a strong pedagogical structure within which discussions remain focused and intensive, The Crit Lab's concern is for the ethical and social context of a sustainable artistic practice. This acknowledges the inherently political nature of art-making as an action. Even when work is not explicitly political or even appears anti-political, it is situated in a social space. This is crucial to developing a stance of awareness around our work. You can read more about the pedagogy of critiques here

Patricia is also available for private studio visits, tough editing for artist statements, grants and proposals, and strategic planning that aligns with your particular artistic ecosystem. The Crit Lab also offers technical digital help with our virtual assistant service- for organizing digital files, preparing portfolio images, research and more.

Contact us with questions!

Read about Patricia Miranda at her website and the link below.

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