The Crit Lab: Rethinking Critique
The Crit Lab offers rigorous, critical, supportive feedback akin to a graduate-level seminar in small ongoing artist groups. Asking ethical and aesthetic questions, we situate artworks in a social context, engage materials in their own language, and preserve the inchoate nature of the creative process.

The Crit Lab is a supportive forum for exploration and discussion of new, vulnerable, in progress, and experimental works and ideas. The connection and community transcend the Lab. The ongoing, intensive, safe space of the meetings encourages work to flourish and grow in critical depth and perception. 

Founded by artist Patricia Miranda
In addition to my academic work, I have been leading private professional critiques since 2012. A desire for a higher level of critical discourse and community among artists was clear across all groups and in lectures and workshops. I am committed to supporting artists in developing their artistic voice, and situating that voice in a contemporary discourse. Read about the pedagogy of the Crit Lab.

Groups have max 6-7 participants; the same artists meet for all five meetings.
Meetings are once a month for five sessions. 
Sessions run from 10am until 3-4pm.
Artists have a full 45 minutes focused solely on their work.
Akin to a graduate seminar, this is a tuition-based program in a committed, professional environment.

The Crit Lab website is a public space. Crit Lab artists have a portlofio page; past participants remain connected on our past page.

The Crit Lab plans regular events at galleries and studios, and now offers a Residency in Northern Italy. 

The Crit Lab maintains a private Facebook group for current and past participants; we share images from crits, articles, commentary, resources and more.

Artists from the Lab are invited to curate online exhibitions for our exhibition page.

The Crit Lab newsletter promotes a selection of artists from the groups on a semi-regular basis. Sign up for our mailing list here.

New Groups, Private Studio Visits and Critiques
If you are interested in organizing a group in your area, contact us! Private Sessions can be arranged by appointment, in-person or via google hangouts. Sessions can be single visit or booked as a concentrated group. New groups can be formed around a local community of artists in any area.

Patricia Miranda also offers professional support that aligns with your particular artistic ecosystem, including assistance with strategic planning, editing and writing for artist statements, grants and proposals.

The Crit Lab offers technical digital help, organizing digital files, preparing portfolio images, research and more, with our virtual assistant service with artist Kimberly Lindner.

Email with questions!

Read about Patricia Miranda at her websites and the link below.

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